Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The happy & sad of it....

Moving is super great except all the work that it takes. I mean 2 hours at Home Depot, putting curtains up AGAIN, unpacking bags upon bags upon boxes and bags. Trying to remember where you threw all those last minute much needed items. Oh then through a husband going to NYC the day after moving and 3 cats into the mix. That being said we have managed to make some yummy meals and have my sis and scoots over. Last night Chadd grilled up Rib Eye steaks and I made cauliflower mashed potatos and a delish salad (my sister is the salad master - her trick is lots of love and salt & peppering the salad in the bowl).
I've been drinking wine and doing laundry, two very enjoyable things to do in ones own home.
Goals for tonight are to work on our closets, unpack my hutch and of course sit on the porch and savor the sounds of NATURE!!!!

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