Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Epic weekend

So this past weekend my mother in law (MIL) came to help us decorate/organize/solve house problems. She arrived at 3pm on Saturday and we literally (said in Rob Lowe's parks & rec voice, LITRALY) didn't stop till Monday when I went to work at 10am. This was, oh I don't know, our 8th or so epic decor weekend and for people who don't do epic decor weekends I will attempt to walk you through the madness.
Oh first let me say that I love decorating but I never use to really do it because it's a lot of problem solving & creative solutioning and it is HARD without the help of a pro. Luckily my MIL is just that. This is her job, like her J.O.B. and we get her help for free! She's helped my mom, bro, sister and us countless times.
The only shitty thing about it is trying to keep up with her but in the 7 years and countless projecting sessions we've done together I've trained myself into shape and can now totes keeps up.
So ok, back to the weekend....

she arrives and we do a walk through of our new place to determine the tasks to be done. We tape off the counter trim in the kitchen because the wood color looks dingy and old next to the tile. By simply painting the wood trim a matching grey we give it a unified & fresh look.

Taping off honestly took longer than the actual painting, which my lovely man helped with, see....
{Sorry but you have to wait for the finish shots which I will post very soon}

Then MIL got me on other painting projects like touching up our hutch that was funked up during the move. Painting a bedroom dresser (that we had got for free), painting an entry shelf (that use to be in our old bedroom).
Noticing a trend? It's called repurposing! It's the leftover 'make a soup out of it' of decorating and we're pro's. Seriously, nothing goes to waste. We buy new paint, new fabric but not new 'stuff' unless totally neccessary.
Ok, so MIL and husb went to Home Depot for about 2 hours to get hardware etc. They love doing this together. It's a very comfortable place for them to go. I happily stayed home with my mom and painted away.
By the time they got home with dins from The Oak Gourmet (DELISH!) it was kinda late and we got into hanging curtains in the guest room / waking up the neighbors.

8am following morning. Coffee in the system. We start placing pictures, mirrors and decor items where we want them hung. We hang some and start working on the fireplace. Sidenote, I'm totally icking myself that I didn't get a before picture because it was pretty awful. Off center and painted a jaring stark white, next to bricks. It was just bad period, so to counter that we painted decorative stripes to make that the new focal point of the room.

We hung the entry piece and got the inside of our front door painted as well. Then MIL and I were off to Ikea. My mom was going to come but decided against it when she figured out the kind of trip she'd be getting herself into. We left C with a LONG list.
At IKEA we bought lighting for the porch, a closet hang system (basically we raped the fabric department), rugs for the book nook, den & bedroom and runners for hall. Bedding, some kitchen goods, candles for fireplace and at the last minute we saw an amazing chaise lounge that became an immediate must have / answer to the question of what to do in the living room. How we got it in the car was a miracle and an uncomfortable ride home but who cares because the epic 3 hour Ikea trip was finally over!!!

At home, we finished the fireplace and were all so happily stunned by how good it looks. Placed the rugs and realized the bedroom rug was the wrong size and material.
Made the bed, C put up the closet cutain system which was a task & a half (thanks baby!) & we hung pics in our bedroom and finally got our decor up. Basically this all goes on until about midnight. Thank god we know how to work and drink because after a day like this wine is a MUST come 10pm.
I convinced MIL to stay the night so we could work that late and in the morning she finished up my guest bathroom.

I still have a list of things to do but it is so amazing what a weekend of 3 people working non stop can produce. I can't wait to share pictures on here in a few days.
In the meantime, I feel so happy when I wake up and so fortunate to have the people in my life that are willing to pitch in and donate their time and talent to us.

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