Thursday, May 19, 2011


After last nights blog on our epic decorating weekend I was asked for pictures so here they are but bear in mind these are crappy iPhone pics.

The kitchen trim we painted grey, the cookbook is Sunburst & it's from the hippy commune I was born on (fun fact: we then lived in a teepee for my first 6 months of life):

Having a fireplace was a huge selling point but the design was such an eyesore. It's now one of my favorite decorative points of the house. The picture of Christopher Lloyd was bought at an Obama art fundraiser:

The entry piece. The mirror was a donation from MIL that use to be in our old living room, the shelf was from our old bedroom and the milk glass is vintage and bought for our wedding as center piece and candy vases:

My book nook. The art on the wall I made using a butterfly stencil from Martha Stewarts website and I cut them out of decor & travel magazine covers & framed them into 2 shadow boxes:

Sneaky last min Ikea lounge purchase. The side table I bought off craigers randomly from Veronica who was on the Real World. To compliment the 'book nook, C nicknamed this the laptop lounge:

My old lady hutch filled with flea market finds was found on craigslist a few years ago and I painted it with MIL's help. Pic of our cat Charli was an Xmas gift from MIL:

And this concludes a mini tour of our new little tree house that has brought us so much joy & light.

This weekend is probably the final decor day in which we will finish the outside of the front door, hanging guest room pics, curtains, getting herbs planted etc.

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