Thursday, May 12, 2011

Honoring the Mothers...

I'm so looking forward to online journaling and tracking our time spent in the canyon. As of now our times been mostly unpost worthy as we're still unpacking but we've stolen a few moments away to hike, bike, and make a lovely mother's day brunch for the ladies in our life (that gave us life) last Sunday.
Our menu:
Cheese, crackers & grapes
Mimosa & Wine
Sausage, pepper & Mushroom frittata
Grilled asparagus
Stuffed mushrooms

This was thrown together last minute with a lot of love as it was the first social thing we'd even done in the house. It turned out great and we even popped over to Bronson Canyon after and took C's 80 year old Grandma to our favorite forest swing, sadly she didn't get on it, what a great pic that would've been. The rest of us did though. MANY pics were taken, here's a few of the faves.....

Many more memories like this to come!!

ps, there is a duo of deer that hang out across the street from our home. We have yet to get a clear picture but they are by far the best neighbors we've ever had!

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