Friday, April 29, 2011

We're Moving!!!

I've been living in my mind a good portion of these last three weeks, more than normal even. I've been seeing myself sitting on our new porch in the evening, watching the sun creep down through the web of trees that grow from the slanted ground below. I wonder what wildlife we'll see...squirrels? coyotes? I hope rabbits. I'll hike, grow vegetables, plick oranges from our tree (that I have yet to plant).

When we went to look at the place it seemed perfect for us which of course immediately freaked me out because isn't it so scary to want something? The fear that arises in you when you want something and don't know if you can have it. It's terrifying. We worked hard, lined our stats up and let our interest be know. We cheer leaded our butts off for this place and luckily we were given the opportunity to lobby for it. We got our credit reports, wrote a lovely intro letter, letter from previous landlord, many follow up calls and finally it became ours!
Now in just 2 days we move and begin the unpacking process. A time to see where we will fit in. I will use this blog as a space to chronicle the wildlife we see, the meals we cook, how we integrate our love of technology & modern comforts with the beauty of our new natural surroundings.

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