Thursday, July 14, 2011

We've got your....

Coyotes, rabbits, horses, peacocks, owls, squirrels, lizards, spiders...what else? Oh, I think that's enough.
One of the treats to living in the canyon is all the beautiful wildlife we see. Just the other night we parked our car and were walking to our door when we heard 2 owls hooting back and forth to each other over head. Owls are one of our favorite animals. They are such a respected and mysterious creature, not only for their stealthiness but they just seem wise, don't they? It sounded like they were discussing a take down and we kept hearing the sounds of a squirrel in our big tree. I believe at one point the owl flew above and got the squirrel but you don't really hear them fly so it's hard to say for sure but an owl feather floated down and landed in my hand eluding to the fact that it had just flown over head. Then there wasn't another peep out of the squirrel.

A moment later, a pack of coyotes were seen in the abandoned house across the street. It was a little startling and brought out a second of fear in me just to see them turffin around, obviously looking for their next meal. When they turned and made their way onto the ridge above, leaving one separated from the pack that we kept seeing for the next 15 minutes roaming around our 'hood' trying to find his way back to his crew.

Then yesterday, we went for an evening stroll to the Hollywood sign trail and came across 3 peacocks. One was your typical gorgeous looking 'cock, then there was a white one with black spots and a mostly grey one. They too were out on an evening stroll.

Spiders are a daily annoyance at this point both in the house and just outside our door waiting for my tall husband to walk through them.

Lizards out sunning can be found on every walk and frogs are heard but not seen much, YET. Chadd the frog hunter will be sure to sniff them out soon.

It's like our own little zoo experience and as avid nature & animal lovers we couldn't be pleased to have such neighbors.

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