Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happiness breeds happiness... it considered a 'rant' if it's a happy one?

I love my life. There, I said it. We all have a choice everyday. We can wake up and run through the lists of what we need, must and should do, letting those tasks form our day. We do our best to accessorize with the wants but too often those are the items we move down to the bottom of our list or erase all together. I get it and I've done it. I've lived a life of wants in pencil and needs in permanent ink but it's wrong and whoever says balance is bullshit has probably already fallen over because if you must anything, it's this, you MUST enjoy your life. It is the only one you were given and it's your choice to live it in a way that brings you the most joy possible while causing the least amount of harm to others and the planet.
If you would like to be happy then be happy. Start now with a smile. Look into the closest mirror you can find and give yourself a flirty wink. c'mon, do it. You are great and the people in your life are amazing or else you wouldn't have put them in there. Let them know how great they are and how happy you are to have them in your life.
I'll start: Mom, you moved all the way to LA to be with us and when we can just meet up for lunch, flea marketing or to watch TV (which we don't do enough) I really love it and I love that I always have a theater buddy.
Sister, you are the zip lock to my tranwich; you keep me fresh. I love watching you grow and make choices that make you happy. I am your cheerleader fo' life. I adore the dude you picked and I see so many happy times ahead with him in our crazy family and thank god that you picked someone who can keep up with you because it's a lot of work.
Then add to that the best dad, step-mom, bros and step sis a girl could have. Such outside of the box thinkers and I just feel GOOD being around them. Good to the core of me. And they offer so much support and positivity which they learned from the leader of the tribe who always has our backs.
You don't really get In Laws like mine too often. Not only are they amazing individuals but they've merged nearly seamlessly with my own family to create this super fam that's unreal. In 7 years we've had more holidays, themed parties and limbo contest than you can imagine. We've camped, redecorated and crafted until our fingers were glued together and we don't ever argue, honestly we should be studied. Then there's the LA posse which is full of good people who take you as you are and are always, ALWAYS ready to party, play games and make the fun happen. I LOVE having a crew.
I've become friends with some pretty amazing women who have become confidants to me ~ honorable mention to my Jamie who's off exploring the world and making me miss her desperately. I've never had a kinder or more thoughtful and understanding friend that you.
The dance crew my man hangs with is the most inspiring lot and the things his career has allowed me to witness is unreal. Which brings me to him, the most stunning part of my life. He is so kind, honest and supportive. I've learned so much from him and am honored to be the lady of his life. No matter where life takes us the time we have together has been the best of my entire life and I look forward to our forever together. If you let it, marriage can be a place that you grow, learn, laugh and gather countless amounts of strength from.

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